What Execs Are Saying About T&D Needs


This is common: End of year slow-down at work. It is a wonderful time for me to clean-up, think, reach-out, and get caught up on the thousands of things that don't get done during the year. For those that have never run a training program, let me share a little insight: It is far more work than it looks like. As a result, our office looks like a war zone: Computers need updating with a good month of organization usually needs to happen. Thus, this is a great time of the season.

During this time is usually when I reach out to executives inside large companies to catch up, listen to trends, and get a pulse on what they're thinking for the following year. This year, more than ever, I am hearing a very consistent theme:

Training Needs To Apply Directly To Business Outcomes

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Game Theory vs. Behavioral Economics vs. Game Mechanics


When I'm talking with perspective customers, I often have to reference economic game theory, behavioral economics, and game mechanics. You can practically hear them fog over in boredom and discomfort about where the discussion is going. A couple sentences later, most are very interested in what all this means, why/how it applies, and how it can actually be used. This is a short article about what,why, and how. Here goes:

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Turning Off Auto Update and Download on OS X

Sad Mac

I know I sound like a broken record, but Apple is no longer a nice company (actually tech in general is not very kind to it's users.. It's arrogant and self centered). Just today, there was an article that came out talking about the trick to Apple Brand value is completely tied up in it's eco-system. As a result, Apple will do anything to a) Keep you locked into its eco-system (example: forcing people over to thunderbolt port of headphones… that just sucks!) and b) Squeeze you into upgrading your computer.

How can they force you to upgrade your computer: Upgrade it your Operating System so it slows down due to all the 'features'. This is why Apple release a brand new OS every year. Totally unnecessary. Not only that, Apple now automatically upgrades you which can be very problematic for compatibility.

To avoid this, do the following:

1. Go to 'System Preferences'
2. Click on 'App Store'
3. Make sure your screen looks like this:
Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 8.48.12 AM

Warning: It is now up you to check for system updates. System updates are fine but system 'upgrades' (updating to new OS) should be slower.


Huffington Post Article About HR and Strategy


Huffington Post did a piece based on an article I wrote some time back. Hope you enjoy this:

If you’re like most people, you probably see Human Resources as the department that takes care of a company’s employees. It makes sure that the company is in compliance with policies and procedures. It’s there to ensure that each employee is treated fairly.

Pretty cut and dry, right?

But what if Human Resources had more to offer to an organization? What if it had a more prominent role in shaping the overall direction of the company?

You can read the full article here: http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/12316264



Delighting Customers in a Service Business

Delight Customers

The San Francisco Bay Area ain't what it used to be. It's become hostile, uptight, unfriendly, and everyone is over stretched/over stressed. It's pretty sad to think about the difference years ago and today. I live in a "small" little town where everyone talks about keeping the small country feel to the town. That actually makes me laugh out loud. Everyone is honking, swearing, and frustrated with each other. It certainly does not have a small town feel to it any longer. After all, the most common car, by far, is a Tesla. Definitely not a Chevy or a Toyota truck.

As a result, I do as much as I can to avoid shopping in town. I go one town over where the customers service is far superior and everyone, for the most part, just does the right thing in a business transaction. I also just returned from launching a new sim program in Texas. It went great. These two events got me thinking about competitive advantage in working with customers.

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Three Lessons from 10+ Years of Writing Sims

Business -Simulaitons-Lessons

I've been creating business simulations for a pretty long time. Over 15 years, but over 13 years creating simulations for Fortune 500 companies. This has translated into over 100 custom sims and too many to count tailored of off the shelf solutions. Equally importantly, I've facilitated probably well over 500 programs for executives world wide. Some companies include Boeing, Caterpillar, Astrazenecca, Orbitz, McDonalds, and a ton more.

There are things I've learned that are probably worth sharing. Let's have a look at three lessons. Why three, because it feels balanced.

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Mac OS 10.12 'Sierra' and Storage Optimization

012-macos-sierra-970-80Apple just released Mac OS 10.12 called Sierra. Apple is unfortunately getting desperate to increase revenue.

There is a 'feature' in the update called 'Disk Optimization'. Sounds awesome right? Apple basically starves the world of disk space so they're nice enough to 'optimize' your disk storage. NOPE! Its a terrible way to extract more money from you and really leave you stranded.

What this does is this, and its nothing short of very very mean…

- This feature is turned 'On' by default after you update
- This feature takes everything that is stored on your desktop and in your documents folder and copies it to your iCloud disk (iCloud disk is your hard disk in the 'cloud').
- This feature then deletes the file on your local computer - WHAT?!?!

Two HUGE problems with this: 1) What happens if you're traveling and you need that file.. Whoops… sorry, its in the cloud and you're not on the internet. 2) Apple will 'automagically' charge your credit card for iCloud storage (which will get expensive very quickly).

As I've talked about on numerous occasions… you want to turn off most iCloud services you can. It is an evil feature and very unnecessary in general.

So, here's a good article all about optimization. You really don't need this so turn off as much as you can. But in general, I think iCloud is junk so you probably should have most of it off anyway.

Best yet, when you upgrade, opt-out of disk optimization. But here's the article:




Behavioral Economics Demonstrates Need for Business Strategy Gamification


Behavioral Economics Demonstrates The Need for Business Strategy Gamification
First, it’s important to set a foundation by defining behavioral economics. BE studies the effects of psychological, social, cognitive, and emotional factors on the economic decisions of individuals and institutions and the consequences for market prices, returns, and resource allocation, although not always that narrowly, but also more generally, of the impact of different kinds of behavior, in different environments of varying experimental values. (source: Wikipedia). I have to say that this is actually a pretty easy to understand and overall nicely laid out description of such a complicated topic.

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